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All new season WWE SuperCard QR codes that will still work and unused, wwe supercard qr codes with season 5, season 6, and a very latest season 7 from 2019, 2020 we will cover all wwe supercard qr code for free.

Alright, I don’t know much more about the WWE supercard which provides credit I don’t know much more about it but I am trying to post this for you guys so if you are reading kindly please comment so I can research more about it and then can provide valuable content according to our needs, do not forget to comment I am sure that I can provide you better content than this with because I just want to hear you.

I collected some information about wwe super cards and as I know no it kind of cards which is also available in season 6 and season 7,

This can be available in several countries like Canada Slovakia Philippines Indonesia USA, maybe much more than this. Well comment where you from, well comment very from.


– From December 12th, Behemoth equipment will be available.

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A special Christmas card will be pickable (among the catalog, there is a John Cena Behé who remains invisible (rather ironic x)), so it’s possible that it’s him.
– The SuperStore will feature a Drew McIntyre Back Card… There will also be several different Backpacks throughout the month, including a War Games.
Events of the month!
For now, we know there will be a War Games for the first week, but also a Giant Unleashed for the third week.
The Road To Glory is also mentioned, now remains to be seen whether it will be in week 2 (just before GU) or in week 4 (after GU), whether RTG is in week 4, that means there will be an LMS / COC in week 2

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What does that say?

J ai reçu un message en me connectant en me disant bonne chance a trouver les éclats au rd de cette semaine.. possible qu’il change le géant par un rd ?

Team Ring Domination!
Behemoth: Johnny Gargano
Horde: Roderick Strong
Biomécanique : Keith Lee

RTG Heroic!
Behemoth: Angel Garza
Horde: Nia Jax
Bio: Samoa Joe Fusion
SS20: Braun Strowman
— No special card among other rewards.

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Sheamus is tomorrow’s TRTG Behemoth card!

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